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Long Code Service

At WONSOFT, we offer you many innovative services. The SMS Long code service is one of our most preferred services. By way of this service, we help entrepreneurs and various business houses to have two-way SMS capabilities using an easy to remember and memory friendly 10-digit mobile number.

Technically speaking, there are few differences in long code service or short code service but a major difference lies in the count of digits of the number by means of which the SMS is being delivered to the desired users. These services can be tailor made according to needs and requirements of a business.
Some of the important features of this service are:

  • It is useful for a limited circle to save and reduce the SMS cost.
  • If you want revert from your customers over the SMS, in that case this service is beneficial and can help accelerate revenues.
  • The service is preferred by query sender as it cuts their cost.
  • They are not country specific like Short code service and can be used to gather information around the world.

WONSOFT offers hassle-free SMS long code services and dedicated long code numbers.

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